Great Northern Papercraft EXTRAVAGANZA!

Sorry this is a little late – I seem to have loads of blog posts lined up, and no time to actually write them! So… a couple of months ago, my aunty Anne (card maker extraordinaire) gave me a spare ticket to a papercraft fair at the Yorkshire Event Centre. I’d been there before for a quilting fair, so I knew it would be on a fairly large scale, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as advertised – an extravaganza! The tickets should have maybe given me a clue… Continue reading

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Pop Art Cushion

In preparation for the impending craft fair, I have made the entirely sensible decision not to make any stock, but instead procrastinate and finish projects that have been in the pipeline for some time. The first of these was a pop art syle speech bubble cushion promised to my sister Jo, back in January. Although it took up practically my entire Sunday, and made me never want to applique again (why, oh why, did I decide to do it all painstakingly by hand?!), I absolutely love it. Even Todd managed to muster a smile and a vague compliment (see photo) – praise indeed! The best thing about it, is the fact that I can pretend the kittens are talking to me… although if Chomsky could actually speak, I’m sure it’d be something more along the lines of “FEED ME!”. For the beady-eyed folk out there, the font I used (traced from a PC screen due to lack of printer) is the same as my ‘Sally’s Craft Corner’ logo – amazing! I’m very jealous Jo – I just hope Tim lets you keep it on display in the flat!

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Exciting News!

I have decided, against my better judgement, to sign up for a craft fair. To actually try and persuade people to part with their hard-earned cash for my homemade creations. Possibly to humiliate myself in front of (an admittedly small minority of) Leeds citizens. This was mostly prompted by my recent visits to craft fairs, where the thought kept coming back to me: ‘I could do that!’. Whether or not this is true is yet to be proven, but I’ve decided to take the plunge.

The fair is at St. Matthews Church in Chapel Allerton, Leeds on June 4th. It lasts from 12-3.30pm, so if you’re in the area and want to show some moral support/laugh at how ridiculously full my table still is at 3pm, then please do. It’s a Green Fair, promoting homemade and ethically sourced goods, so I’m looking forward to having a look around myself.

After signing up, however, I realised I have nothing to sell. I tend to make specific projects for birthdays/christmas/myself but having never decided to sell my wares before, I have no ‘stock’ as such. Therefore, my new project, likely to be featured with increasing stress levels in the next few posts, is to make things people may actually want to buy.

The first item is this cushion cover made with Riley Blake fabric. I’m not sure it’s finished, as I want to sew some mismatched pink, green and grey buttons onto some of the umbrellas to make it a little bit quirkier, but Todd isn’t convinced.  What do you think? It’s also in need of a serious iron, but for the meantime it’s somehow managed to find its way onto my sofa with my other cushions… whoops.

My plan is to lure people in with cheap items such as this small blanket stitched brooch (which was incredibly hard to photograph being the size of a 50p piece) whilst also stocking some larger items such as the cushions, chicken doorstops and clutch bags. If anyone has any hints and tips, please let me know. I’m already sensing an impending crafting disaster!

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Competition Winner!

As posted a couple of weeks ago, Sam Ryder was the lucky winner of my owl themed giveaway. Sam DJs at a night called Top Gun at Leeds University Union, and requested a mascot for the night. Inspired by American power ballads and the iconic film of the same name, I created this little fellow, aptly named Cruise. Let me know when you want to collect him, Sam!

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Clothing Disasters

So here it is, my latest craft disaster – just as I thought my skills were on the up! I haven’t mentioned my sewing classes at The Bowery much this time round, as instead of the smaller projects and skills I worked on last time, I have been making a BIG project… namely this skirt. This ridiculous skirt has been the bane of my life for 6 weeks. 6 x 2 hour lessons = 12 hours.  That’s practically a whole day of my life! To break it down, the first 4 hours were spent adjusting the paper pattern so that it would create something that actually fitted my measurements and resembled a skirt.

The next 4 hours were spent creating the garment (the most successful bit), while the last 4 hours were spent unpicking and remaking the skirt, when I realised that I was almost exactly the same size and shape as the original pattern (before 4 hours of adjustment) and I had somehow created a small circus tent. Definitely not a labour of love, and although the end product fits, and I’ve worn it to work without people screaming and fleeing, it still looks a little bit… odd. I’m very pleased with the concealed zip though – maybe I should start some kind of ‘Where’s Wally’ competition, rewarding those who can see it!

Disenchanted by clothing, but unwilling to give up, I found this tutorial to make a dress from a vest and some fabric. It seemed easy enough, just the straight stitching I was used to. It was not. Although less time-consuming, I became more frustrated with it than the skirt. In hindsight, it wasn’t the best idea to use a too-big, misshapen vest for the top half, to use upholstery weight fabric for a ‘floaty’ skirt or to use very cheap and flimsy thread to gather said fabric. It was supposed to take an hour, yet it took me at least 3 (including 5 gathering attempts). I ended up with this ill-fitting monstrosity – maybe I could carry it off with a belt??

You’ll be pleased to read that I bought a new dress pattern last week, so look forward to some bitter posts in the near future. I think the novice crafter is definitely a glutton for punishment!

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