Craft fair! (Finally…)

Sorry things have been a bit slow on the blog front recently – as expected, I left everything for the craft fair until the last possible minute and ended up more than a bit stressed! Then, for the past week, me and Todd have been on holiday in Northumberland with (very) limited internet access. Cue¬†obligatory photograph of me and Todd looking happy in the rain… Continue reading

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Beginning a collection…

This week marked the beginning of me knuckling down to get some stock ready for my craft fair РI now have 7 clutch bags dangerously close to completion and some chicken door stops in pieces on my bedroom floor. With no finished product to show off however,  I decided to write an interim blog post about one of my favourite sewing box stalwarts: the humble tape measure.

I’ll admit, it’s unusual to find someone who gets excited about the metric scale, but those of you who will know me may be familiar with my love for ‘things in the shapes of other things’ such as this carrot shaped like Buzz Lightyear. No other item in the sewing box allows the designer such creativity and freedom to create a useful mechanism, hidden under the guise of something completely different. Continue reading

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Corsage Calamity

Well, it’s been a bad week for me in terms of crafts. I am wavering in the little confidence I had in my abilities. Not only am I losing (by quite a large margin) in mine and Todd’s competition as to who can get the most hits on their blog during April, but on my visit to my parents for Easter, I found out that the chicken doorstop I made at Christmas has come apart at the seams and the laptop cover is too small to fit a laptop in. Boohoo. Then, as I am finally getting round to creating stock for my craft fair, this falls apart too. Woe is me. Continue reading

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Fame and Fortune ensues…

The last time I posted, I wrote about my reputation as ‘somebody with access to a sewing machine’, in possession of limited sewing skills, which led to me being roped into costume making. It appears, since then, the word of my amazing talents in sewing, blogging and self deprecation have spread, as this week I have been approached to write a monthly craft blog for the Tynemouth WI. I’m even credited as a ‘Blogger and Crafter’… it’s like seeing my name in lights! Continue reading

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Mighty Booshday


Last month, an amazing event occurred. Not only was it the 31st anniversary of my workmate Frank entering the world, but I was actually requested (that’s right, REQUESTED!) to make somebody something out of fabric. I have a feeling the reputation I have is more ‘somebody who owns a sewing machine’, as opposed to ‘somebody who is ace at sewing’, but I’m still taking the compliment.

Continue reading

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