SallyI’m Sally, a novice crafter/even more novice blogger living in Leeds, with my boyfriend and two kittens.  I decided at the start of this year that I needed a hobby (mainly as an extra procrastination tool to avoid my dissertation) so I took up cross stitch by buying some cheap aida and pattern books on eBay. Sadly, nobody warned me this was addictive.  Since finishing University, my bad habit has grown to include patchworking and quilting (it didn’t help getting a sewing machine as a graduation present…), which in truth mainly involves collecting a variety of fabrics to simply gaze upon, without the intention of creating anything.

I wanted to start this blog, as when I first began crafting, I found many wonderful sites (most are included on my links page) featuring beautifully made and very professional items to lust over. I thought these would be easy to replicate. They weren’t. I grew disheartened everytime I stuck bondaweb to my iron or ended up with backwards letters on my applique.

Therefore, this blog was made for all the novice crafters out there, who can only dream of a page on etsy.com, fantasise that people may actually want to part with their money for your crazy creations. This blog is for those without any artistic vision and technical skill, who enjoy having a go anyway. And yes, it’s also for the smug crafters out there, to give you a jolly old laugh.

I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. ADam j says:

    This is veeeery cute Sal! X

  2. Laura says:

    Sally- you are so lovely and wonderful and funny! Glad to see you are keeping up the cross-stitch!

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