Holidays are coming!

It’s official everyone: Christmas is well and truly on it’s way! It’s that time of year when the Coca Cola advert comes back to our screens, and I start sending far too many emails trying to ‘persuade’ people at work to partake in Secret Santa and “get in the Christmas spirit…or else!”.

In the same vein, I’ve been forcing crafty¬†Christmas¬†cheer on my family this year, in the form of this advent calendar for my sister, Rachel. Unlike me, Rachel likes to maintain some level of taste in her house, and I thought a lot of the pocketed Advent Calendars available to make or buy were a bit cheesy or over festive. So, I chose this mix of fabrics in greens and red, to look festive but not too over the top, but I couldn’t resist adding buttons for a bit of detail.

Some of you may have seen the quilted advent calendar on this blog, that I made for me and Todd 2 years ago, which although pretty, does not fit anything larger than a smartie in each pocket (which is definitely not my idea of a Christmas treat!). For Rachel’s calendar, I made sure that the pockets were sizeable enough for some decent presents and I also added dowling in the top and bottom to prevent the drooping of the earlier model.

The only real ‘crafting disaster’ in this project was thoughtlessly asking my colourblind boyfriend to sort out the pre-cut felt numbers into red, green and white. Sorry Todd! Oh, and giving it to Rachel a month early, because I got too excited…

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