50 Shades of Rainbow!

So it’s been very quiet on the blog front for over a year now and I apologise – I know you’ve all been waiting anxiously on the edge of your seats for the next update! There’s many reasons for the radio silence, but by far the most interesting and exciting is the upcoming wedding of my eldest sister Jo. Her boyfriend/fiancee Tim finally plucked up the courage to ask her in October last year and it’s been a frenzy in our family ever since. Obviously, the upcoming nuptials of any family member are a cause for celebration, but this filled me with extra excitement (and dread) as it meant… CRAFTING!

As I suspected, the requests began rolling in and it was time to dust off my sewing machine and limber up my unpicking fingers. The wedding will be Marvel Superhero themed (Todd is obviously very excited by this…) so my first task was to design a comic themed ring cushion incorporating Tim’s favourite phrase: ‘BOOM’ (you probably have to hear him say it for this to make sense). I had underestimated the extra pressure that would come from making something which actually mattered. Making Christmas presents for my family, which will inevitably fall apart and get thrown away is one thing, but making something for (hopefully) the most important day of my sister’s life, which will be viewed by a large audience and potentially future grandchildren is quite another. Bearing this in mind, this is the result of around a week of EXTREMELY careful cutting and meticulous stitching, where every task took 3 times longer than usual due to my shaking hands. Touch wood, it’s not fallen apart as yet (the big day is this Saturday) and both Tim and Jo were really pleased. Cue: Huge sigh of relief.

The pressure did not stop there however. My next task was to sew 60 metres of rainbow and Marvel comic bunting to decorate the reception venue. I’d not made bunting before, but I assumed it would be fairly untaxing. Cue around 20 hours of both me and (an unwillingly roped in) Todd, cutting, ironing, pinning, sewing, ironing, pinning, sewing, ironing etc… and I was singing from a different hymn sheet. I’ve never wanted something to be so perfect, so every small mistake had to be unpicked and rectified, much to Todd’s dismay. We had more ‘false finishes’ that I’d like to admit, with one of us shouting ‘OH MY GOD, WE’VE FINISHED!! Ohhh wait….’. This wasn’t helped by using the world’s thinnest bunting tape, which refused to hold fabric for more than around 30 seconds without letting go. Despite the stress, I don’t think I’ve ever been so pleased with something I have made. As with all home made items, I think you always notice the mistakes more than other people will, but thankfully there’s less to notice in the bunting than I would have expected in a project of this size, made by me.

Now I’m just holding my breath that all the stitches will hold until the end of Saturday – or at least until everybody is too drunk to notice!

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