Craft fair! (Finally…)

Sorry things have been a bit slow on the blog front recently – as expected, I left everything for the craft fair until the last possible minute and ended up more than a bit stressed! Then, for the past week, me and Todd have been on holiday in Northumberland with (very) limited internet access. Cue obligatory photograph of me and Todd looking happy in the rain…



So, back to the craft fair! It was, surprisingly, a success! In the end, I made cushion covers, clutch bags, zip up purses, stuffed owls, dinosaur and chicken doorstops and lavender hearts. I found it very hard not to critique these as I usually do and point out the flaws, as I was actually trying to sell these, but on the whole I was very happy with what I made. Naturally there were some disasters along the way including my sewing machine refusing to work, meaning I had to take it apart and attack it with WD40, which managed to do the trick, and also ordering the wrong sized zips for my purses. This resulted in rather small coin purses which I marketed for children and turned out to be successful – phew! Not to mention the hours spent unpicking, repairing and sewing eyes on wonkily.

The fair itself was pretty quiet, so I’m not sure it was destined to be a financial success, but everyone who came to the stall gave me positive feedback as to how nice everything looked (and more often than not, surprise that it was all homemade – result!) I sold 4 purses and a lavender heart (plus a doorstop to my aunty Anne who sold her papercraft creations on one half of the stall, as she refused to take it for free) which resulted in a 50p profit on the table price (not including materials, labour and overheads… it is a hobby after all!) so I was really pleased. I hadn’t expected to sell anything – my best case scenario was customers saying horrible things behind my back rather than to my face!

I really enjoyed the experience and learned a little bit more about what is marketable, giving me some ideas for new things to make. I think I also need to adjust my prices a little, but I may need a bit more experience and a bit of a busier fair to decide on what I should charge. Watch this space for the next fair!

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  1. Matty says:

    Glad it went well!  I may have to buy a door stop off you for the kitchen if you made the modifications i suggested 😉

    On another note, ive realised that i only ever read your blog site, i really like the look of it.  Does Todd even have a blog?? nnTodd!

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