Beginning a collection…

This week marked the beginning of me knuckling down to get some stock ready for my craft fair – I now have 7 clutch bags dangerously close to completion and some chicken door stops in pieces on my bedroom floor. With no finished product to show off however,  I decided to write an interim blog post about one of my favourite sewing box stalwarts: the humble tape measure.

I’ll admit, it’s unusual to find someone who gets excited about the metric scale, but those of you who will know me may be familiar with my love for ‘things in the shapes of other things’ such as this carrot shaped like Buzz Lightyear. No other item in the sewing box allows the designer such creativity and freedom to create a useful mechanism, hidden under the guise of something completely different.

My collection started with a present from my friend Lotti, this owl shaped tape measure which ticks almost every box on my favourite things list, bar tasting like blueberry muffins.

The next one came from my parents for my birthday: a cake shaped tape measure. My family know me well – something that relates to both sewing and eating was bound to be a winner. I like how well this one is disguised, as despite the small plastic tag being a giveaway, it definitely does not resemble the typical tape measure.

The latest addition to my collection was from my sister, Jo, as a thank you for the pop art cushion I made her a few weeks ago. This is possibly my favourite, mainly because it took me about 5 minutes to figure out it was a tape measure.

In terms of sewing, I have no use for 3 different tape measures (plus the far more plain one I use most often). Yet, I’m on the lookout for my next acquisition – please send me photos of your unusual tape measures!

Another example of ‘things that look like other things’ from this week: a load of washing that looks just like my cat, Bison!

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  1. Matty says:

    What are you doing in that washing machine, cat? You’re not laundry, you don’t even need fabric softener.

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