Corsage Calamity

Well, it’s been a bad week for me in terms of crafts. I am wavering in the little confidence I had in my abilities. Not only am I losing (by quite a large margin) in mine and Todd’s competition as to who can get the most hits on their blog during April, but on my visit to my parents for Easter, I found out that the chicken doorstop I made at Christmas has come apart at the seams and the laptop cover is too small to fit a laptop in. Boohoo. Then, as I am finally getting round to creating stock for my craft fair, this falls apart too. Woe is me.
I decided to make corsages to decorate clutch bags (more in the next post about these atrocities) so me and my old foe, gathering, decided to meet again. The first corsage I made (with this lovely fabric from Emma’s Fabric Studio) looks a little bit weird, although gathering was surprisingly trouble free. The hemming and gathering look far too obvious, and it looks more like a rumpled circle than a flower. When pinned against anything, it sticks out at a funny angle.

I thought this may be because I’d used a length of fabric that was too long, so I tried again with this small bit of Cath Kidston fabric. The reason it is pictured here as a strip rather than a corsage, is because I never got as far as making it into anything resembling a flower. See the broken running stitch at the bottom? That is me failing at gathering and snapping the thread. Subsequently, corsage #2 never made it into existence. The small bit that did gather however, showed the same problem as the first, with the weird crumply circle appearance.

Corsage #3 was a (moderate) success! To counter the previous problem I used a large circle of felt on the back and folded the edges inwards to create a hem around the felt. This gets rid of the excess material, and makes for a much more flowery looking corsage (although the back looks anything but professionally sewn – I’m sure one of the cats could have done a neater job!) The hem stitches are easily hidden amongst the folds.

So in the end, I figured that my crafting is always a case of trial and error. Next time, I will use a stronger material for the doorstop and make the laptop case an inch bigger. I just wish I could do it without the failed attempts and tantrums in between! As for mine and Todd’s competition… keep clicking!

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