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Last month, an amazing event occurred. Not only was it the 31st anniversary of my workmate Frank entering the world, but I was actually requested (that’s right, REQUESTED!) to make somebody something out of fabric. I have a feeling the reputation I have is more ‘somebody who owns a sewing machine’, as opposed to ‘somebody who is ace at sewing’, but I’m still taking the compliment.

As mentioned, it was my workmate Frank’s birthday and he was planning a Mighty Boosh themed pub crawl with the obligatory fancy dress. His idea was to dress up as the character Rudi, and needed something resembling this purple robe making. In classic Sally style, he did get something ‘resembling’ the robe…

Despite the fact that there was just enough fabric (to the centimetre) and the added pressure of having somebody watch me (I’m blaming this, and not my skill!) led to me sewing the arms in backwards numerous times and having to unpick them, it actually turned out really well. This particular photo hides the rather wonky gold ribbon around the waist and that fact that one sleeve is significantly longer than the other, but considering there was absolutely no precise measuring done, it definitely serves the purpose.

My favourite bits are the sequins around the collar that I sewed on by hand (to detract the attention from the overall structure…). Apparently the outfit got a lot of compliments on the night (while people were still able to see!) and survived without unravelling and falling to pieces. Overall, I’m pretty chuffed and I’m hoping in the future I’ll be seen as more than ‘somebody with a sewing machine’, although it’s unlikely!

Happy Birthday Frank!

(P.S. Me and Todd are having a competition this month as to who can get the most hits on their blog. I’m a sore loser so please visit numerous times and coerce your friends into doing the same!)

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    woop im famous in the sewing industry 😀

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