Great Northern Papercraft EXTRAVAGANZA!

Sorry this is a little late – I seem to have loads of blog posts lined up, and no time to actually write them! So… a couple of months ago, my aunty Anne (card maker extraordinaire) gave me a spare ticket to a papercraft fair at the Yorkshire Event Centre. I’d been there before for a quilting fair, so I knew it would be on a fairly large scale, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as advertised – an extravaganza! The tickets should have maybe given me a clue…

It was huge, with stalls covering stamps, every colour and pattern of paper you could dream of, buttons and¬†embellishments¬†and machines whose functions still remain a mystery to me. There was a cafe with lovely homemade cupcakes and absolutely thousands of visitors watching demonstrations and picking up bargains. I wish I’d have taken a photo to show you the enormity of it all.

There was only one problem for me; it was all paper. As much as I loved it and enjoyed touching all the different bits and bobs and appreciated what a mecca this fair would be to a card maker, I felt it was wasted on me a little bit. When I look at fabric, a million and one ideas run through my head as to what I could make with it, so I usually end up not making anything, as making one thing means that all the other ideas never come into existence. With paper, it’s the opposite. I can see pretty paper and my mind remains blank. I could make… a card? The backing for a photo? Erm….? My next thought is: ‘Ooh I love that design, if it was on fabric I’d make a…’.

Subsequently, I ended up buying very fabric-y goods: some felt, some ribbons, some buttons and some metal charms. Even though I have no use for these little charms at present, I know I’ll be using them in the future (especially the owl and the Singer sewing machine!), whereas I can imagine paper lingering on my shelf and I’d feel guilty for having invested in it.

I’m not sure if other crafters feel like this, or if I’m being a little bit strange having my niche? Reading back, this has come across as more negative than I intended! I had a lovely day and would recommend next year’s fair to crafters in general, as you’re bound to find something you like (even if paper doesn’t float your boat). After all, it’s always nice to see an interest in handmade things and meet like-minded people. I would go again – maybe I’ll find some inspiration next year!

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