Clothing Disasters

So here it is, my latest craft disaster – just as I thought my skills were on the up! I haven’t mentioned my sewing classes at The Bowery much this time round, as instead of the smaller projects and skills I worked on last time, I have been making a BIG project… namely this skirt. This ridiculous skirt has been the bane of my life for 6 weeks. 6 x 2 hour lessons = 12 hours. ┬áThat’s practically a whole day of my life!┬áTo break it down, the first 4 hours were spent adjusting the paper pattern so that it would create something that actually fitted my measurements and resembled a skirt.

The next 4 hours were spent creating the garment (the most successful bit), while the last 4 hours were spent unpicking and remaking the skirt, when I realised that I was almost exactly the same size and shape as the original pattern (before 4 hours of adjustment) and I had somehow created a small circus tent. Definitely not a labour of love, and although the end product fits, and I’ve worn it to work without people screaming and fleeing, it still looks a little bit… odd. I’m very pleased with the concealed zip though – maybe I should start some kind of ‘Where’s Wally’ competition, rewarding those who can see it!

Disenchanted by clothing, but unwilling to give up, I found this tutorial to make a dress from a vest and some fabric. It seemed easy enough, just the straight stitching I was used to. It was not. Although less time-consuming, I became more frustrated with it than the skirt. In hindsight, it wasn’t the best idea to use a too-big, misshapen vest for the top half, to use upholstery weight fabric for a ‘floaty’ skirt or to use very cheap and flimsy thread to gather said fabric. It was supposed to take an hour, yet it took me at least 3 (including 5 gathering attempts). I ended up with this ill-fitting monstrosity – maybe I could carry it off with a belt??

You’ll be pleased to read that I bought a new dress pattern last week, so look forward to some bitter posts in the near future. I think the novice crafter is definitely a glutton for punishment!

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