Fabric Addiction

In the words of Jesse from ‘The Fast Show’, for those who remember, “This week, I ‘ave mostly been… buying fabric”. It’s become a bit of an obsession really, and needs to stop. It started when I signed up to do a scrap fabric swap at Very Berry Handmade and I received this lovely parcel from Abi, along with a compliment for my Street Fighter finger puppets. She’s in the process of making a cross-stitch Ryu which I can’t wait to see (and neither can Todd – he wants one too now!) . I really like the textured fabrics as they’re not something I’d normally choose, and also the fabric in the middle with bears on. I think it would look lovely as bunting for a baby, but Todd has told me not to get carried away! I’m hoping to try a small patchwork project, like a pincushion.

I’ve now packaged my swap materials up, and they’re ready to post – sorry for the delay, Teresa! Most are scraps, but I couldn’t resist including a little bit of my favourite Michael Miller and Riley Blake fabrics. I was feeling pretty saintly, having reduced my stash, so I decided to have a quick look online to see if there was any new fabrics that caught my eye.

This is where things took a turn for the worse, as you can see from the photo. The ones on the left are from SeamStarUK (as well as a dress pattern, some magnetic bag clasps and lots of ribbon) and the ones on the right are from various sellers on eBay, including 2 of my new favourite sellers: Frumble and Emma’s Fabric Studio. I’d love to stay and chat but I’m late for my Fabricaholics Anonymous meeting (and a stern telling off from my bank manager!). Any ideas jump out as to what I can make?

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7 Responses to Fabric Addiction

  1. Lotti says:

    Bunting to decorate craft corner! Or a patchwork cushion. Maybe some lavender hearts/shapes, poss something for mothers day? These are all the things i want to make but don’t have time to =( x x

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  3. Teresa says:

    Hi Sally, I’m looking forward to receiving the package!! Don’t worry though – it’s not late. There are still a few days to go and I only sent mine yesterday. Glad to see you’ve joined the ranks of fabric addicts 🙂
    Teresa x

  4. Glad you enjoyed the swap Sally. And thanks for the tip off about those ebay sellers – not ones I’d encountered before. 😀

  5. Courtney says:

    thank you for the mention!
    How about…..
    Cute Purses out of the Kokka fabrics and a baby quilt out of the organics 🙂

  6. Teresa says:

    Hi Sally, just popping in again to say I received your lovely package yesterday dead on target date! Lovely fabrics, many of which I ‘ve not seen before, thank you very much.
    Teresa x

  7. Lace hearts says:

    I’m already a signed and paid up life member of fabricaholics! It’s a fabulous group, but there’s no cure!

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