Reet Sweet Craft Fair

As I mentioned in my last post, today I went to the Reet Sweet craft fair at the Corn Exchange in Leeds. It was the first fair of this kind I’ve been to since I started this blog, so I was unsure what to expect, but I absolutely loved it! There were lots of stalls featuring lots of of different styles of crafts, from vintage looking purses, knitted dinosaurs, bright illustrations and button earrings, so I definitely felt inspired to run home and craft. It’s something I’d love to do although I’m not sure I’m ready for something of this scale just yet. I think I’ve got a few things I can make to sell, such as my clutch bags, purses, doorstops and owls. I just need to work on building up some stock! I think I’m far too attached to some of my fabrics, so I need to stop admiring them and do something with them!

Naturally, I bought myself some souvenirs to support my fellow crafters (I say fellow, when I really mean those I aspire to!). This globe was knitted by Laura from This Many Boyfriends, and although she’s the first to admit it’s not exactly geographically accurate, I still think it’s a really cool idea and must have been hard to pull off!

The soap was from Bar Soap, who make soap (obviously) based mainly on alcoholic drinks, such as Mojitos and Newcastle Brown Ale.┬áThis one is Biscuit and Latte, and smells like digestives!┬áThe illustration on the greetings card is by Mellorware whose stall I fell in love with, but sadly my pre-payday budget could not stretch to a tea set! The illustrations remind me a little of Quentin Blake and I love the whimsical feel of them. Todd’s pleased I didn’t buy an owl! A special mention also goes to Jil Made This as I loved the printed textiles. I didn’t buy anything today, but I will be saving my pennies for Handmade at the Brudenell Social Club next week. The day was nicely finished off by a rather large lemon meringue cupcake! Thanks to Reet Sweet and all the crafters today, I had an ace time.

Oh, and Congratulations to Sam Ryder, who won my owl giveaway! I’ll hopefully have it finished sometime this week, in your choice of colours!

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4 Responses to Reet Sweet Craft Fair

  1. Todd says:

    It’s a shame the Mellor Ware was so expensive because it was really nice! I might end up getting something if I see it again.

  2. Teresa says:

    Hi Sally, I’ve just popped round for a visit after seeing that you’re my partner in Ali’s Fabric Scrap Swap. I’m looking forward to receiving your package!
    Love your blog theme of showing your crafty learning progress. I wish you luck with your efforts. Having the ‘crafting bug’ is the main thing and I can see you’ve got that!!
    Teresa x

  3. Sam Ryder says:

    Where’s my owl? It’s almost time for Top Gun!

  4. Jil Smith says:

    thanks for the special mention! Jil Made This will be at Reet sweet again this Sunday, so come say hi! love jil xx

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