Super Street Fighter IV finger puppets

For those of you who don’t know, my boyfriend Todd is a massive gaming/computer geek, especially when it comes to Street Fighter. I can spend hours upstairs sewing with the background noise of Todd cursing the internet connection for ‘lagging’ and generally throwing things around our house in frustration. Apparently, he enjoys this kind of thing – so much so that we named one of our kittens Bison, after the character M. Bison. I hope you are following so far!
Recently, he decided to challenge himself by getting all the character in the game to Rank C – if you want to know more details, and understand this kind of thing then you can read his blog post. I decided it was time to challenge myself as well, as I’ve just started experimenting with felt, so I offered to make a finger puppet for every character he got to Rank C with.

He’s managed it with 5 characters so far, but as he’s better at Street Fighter than I am at sewing, I’ve only made 2 so far; M. Bison and Hakkan. I’m quite pleased with them, as they’re the first things I’ve ever really ‘designed’, and there’s nothing better than watching a 23 year old man shouting ‘Feel my Psycho Power!!’ at his own hands! My blanket stitch has definitely improved too. I’ve still got to make Akuma, Ibuki and Abel… as well as the other 12 he’s not yet played with. Wish me luck!

Also, don’t forget my giveaway! You’ve only got 4 days left to enter to win a cute owl toy in your choice of colours. Either post a comment, follow me on Twitter (if you already follow me let me know!) or send me an email.

I’m really looking forward to going to Reet Sweet Craft Fair on Sunday, at the Corn Exchange in Leeds, so the lucky winner may also get a bonus prize if (or when…) I see something pretty. Let me know if you’re going to be there too!

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  1. Abi says:

    How funny! I was just looking at your blog, as I am your assigned swapster for the Very Berry fabric swap, and this made me smile. I’m halfway through my latest project – a cross stitch Ryu! It’s my first go at turning pixels into a cross-stitch pattern, and it’s not as easy as you’d think 🙂
    Hope you’ll like the stuff I send, and hope your bf achieves his goals 😉

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