Owl obsession and first ever giveaway!

For those of you who know me, you will know I have a mild obsession with owls. This is reflected in the house; with the owl wall art, owl calendar, owl mugs, owl bookends and owl moneybox and also my birthday/Christmas presents – Todd adopted me an owl called Bug from The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary! Two of my favourite presents however, included both owls and crafting – amazing!

The first was this owl family craft set from my parents, which I set straight to completing following a hearty Christmas dinner. It included everything I needed, including needle, thread and buttons, and I had enough left over to make another baby owl for my sister. I’m keeping hold of the patterns too, so I can make them in my favourite materials. All three took about an hour and a half in total, as it took me a while to get used to using a needle and thread again! The instructions are really clear, so I think this would be really good for making with children, or for the artistically/technically inept such as myself!

The other present was this owl pattern from my friend Lotti. I like the shape of this owl better as it has ears and the fact that I could use my own materials (the spotty ones were a birthday present from my parents), but the fact it wasn’t all inclusive might put some people off. I had spare stuffing, buttons and thread so it wasn’t really an issue for me. This would presumably take AGES to do by hand – I used my sewing machine for everything except the feet and buttons. I struggling aligning up the zig zag stitches on the wings, so there are a few places where it’s not exactly attached, but overall it was pretty disaster free!

I’m sure you’re all desperate to know what the white tag is sewn on to the bottom of the owl… it’s yet another birthday present, bought for my by my sister to personalise my creations. They make me feel like a bona fide crafter, and I’ve been attaching them to all the larger things I’ve been making.

Now for the exciting part!!

I still don’t feel my skills are up to the point where I could sell the things I make, but I’m quite confident they are good enough to give away for free! Therefore, I am offering one of the larger owls, in a colour scheme of your choice, in my first ever giveaway! All you need to do is:

  • follow me on Twitter @salcraftcorner
  • leave a comment on this post about one of your craft disasters
  • send me an email (via the contact page)

Please leave contact details – I’ll be emailing the lucky winner at 5pm next Sunday (6th Feb). Good luck!

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One Response to Owl obsession and first ever giveaway!

  1. Lotti says:

    To Sally,
    I want an owl! Here is a list of a few of my most memorable crafting disasters:

    1. Regularly sewing my art work to my skirt/tights at school
    2. Trying to make a button hole in my cardigan with a hole-punch in year 2, but getting caught, being sent to the headteacher AND having to write a letter saying sorry to my mum, who just thought it was funny.
    3. All types of knitting. I’m rubbish. It takes too long and i drop and gain stitches all over the shop!

    Other than that i am a crafting genious……

    Love from Lotti(e) x x x

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