(Partly) Home made Christmas!

As the Christmas decorations have come down and the last of the leftover turkey has finally been thrown away, I decided to extend the Christmas Spirit with a post about all the presents I made this year, in my first ever home made Christmas. I wanted to ┬ámake at least one home made present for each member of my family (Todd refused, on the grounds that he ‘likes things that are black. And plain. Very plain’).

I posted previously about using an embroidery foot in my sewing class for freehand quilting, but I could post a picture of the finished product. Well here it is! A New York themed laptop case for my sister’s boyfriend, Ian. I quilted around the buildings (some more successfully than others) and actually managed to put a lining in so the quilting was hidden.

I measured it around Todd’s laptop, so getting it through the zip is a slight squeeze but overall I think it works pretty well and looks ace.

For my eldest sister, Jo, and Todd’s sister, Tara, I made another project from my sewing class – asymmetric clutch bags! Tara’s is the black and white one, where the lining is black spots on a white background, and Jo’s is the patterned one with a turquoise lining. I think I like the button on Tara’s better, as it goes to the side so if I make more, I’ll do them like that. I’d also get some thicker interfacing for the middle so they’re not so flimsy.

I told my dad I wasn’t going to make him anything, as I thought he wouldn’t be bothered, but he was quite offended by this suggestion. He specifically requested a bookmark, which I presume he thought would be easy to make, but I found it one of the hardest. I first had to hem both bits of fabric before sticking them together with bondaweb. I then blanket stitched around the edge to make it look neater (I’m still not very good at corners). My dad’s reaction: ‘Well this is a lot better than I was expecting. It’s much better than the floral stuff you usually make. I’m pleasantly surprised!’. Thanks Dad!

My mum collects bird ornaments and knick knacks, and she also has an unhealthy penchant for JCB Diggers. Her dream is to visit Diggerland. I found this fabric ages ago at a Quilting Fair with the intention of making her something with it, so I decided to combine the things she likes in this Chicken Doorstop. It was really easy to make out of 4 triangles and I filled it with pearl barley to make it heavy enough. The fabric wasn’t as strong as I’d though so it split in a few places and required emergency repair, but I was pleased with the finished product (as were the kittens… little menaces!).

I’ll write about my other sister’s present next time, as it leads into a new project I’m starting, so that Todd gets something he’ll actually appreciate – and it’s not black and plain!

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