Advent Calendar…. only 1 day late…

It’s been difficult to blog about crafts in the run up to Christmas, as most of the things I’m working on, many perfect for the ‘crafting disaster’ section of this site, are still being inflicted on unwitting family members as ‘thoughtful’ gifts. Sorry about that. There is one thing I’ve been working on for a couple of months now, that’s finally finished, and only one day past the deadline…my advent calendar!

Advent Calendar

I’ve wanted to make an advent calendar with pockets for a couple of years now, like the ones I had when I was little, but I never had the time, effort or inspiration. I went to a fabric fair in Harrogate in September, where there were loads of pre-cut patterns, but as lovely as they were, they all seemed  bit professional and traditional. In truth, I wanted something that looked a bit handmade, a little bit mismatched and unique.

patchworkIn October, I did a patchwork class at The Bowery with my friend Tara. I didn’t get very far towards making the planned bag on the day (as you can see from this woeful photo!) but when one novice crafter placed her squares together in an odd formation and said ‘oh, it looks like a Christmas tree!’, I was hit by a flash of inspiration.

close upI apologise for not taking more photos of the progress along the way – I think I’m always a little frightened about how things will turn out, and I’m nowhere near good enough to writing tutorials – but here it is, the finished product! It turned out extremely mismatched, extremely handmade and very unique, but I’m so proud of it considering it’s my first attempt at quilting/patchwork. I really hope it lasts to use for years to come, but usually my crafting is anything but durable! Now, just to fill it with chocolates…!


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