Alternative Hen Night

Hen BadgeLast Friday, I attended not only my first ever Hen Night, but more importantly, my first ever alternative Hen Night! My cousin Sarah lives in Australia and is getting married there in January, so as a lot of us can’t make the wedding, my Aunty Anne happened upon the fantastic idea of a rather crafty alternative Hen Night – minus the Hen!

CraftyWe all gathered at Art From the Heart in Harrogate, a fantastic shop and studio/workshop in Harrogate to be greeted by Dyan, who was going to lead us in the art of what can only be described as ‘splodging’. The plan was to make small folded books from a single sheet of background paper, which could be used as scrapbooks at a later date. We also made tags to insert in one of the books as a wedding present for Sarah.

Kitchen RollSo, surrounded by champagne, strawberries and a craft room that fulfilled my wildest dreams, the splodging commenced. Although this picture shows deep concentration, this type of workshop is perfect for the novice crafter, as there is no ‘wrong way’ of doing things, and as Dyan kept reminding the dubious amongst us ‘The messier it is, the more arty it looks!’. That’s my kind of philosophy!

We started by choosing two paint colours and roughly spreading them on our paper using baby wipes. We used both sparkly and plain Dylusions inks to create stencilled shapes and bottle tops and primer to create circles. My favorite part was using an ‘artist’s tool’, printed officially as a ‘splodger’ which vaguely resembles a credit card to add further texture to our papers. The finishing touches were doodles with biro, picking shapes out of the random inking and painting. I was definitely dubious initially, not sure about the mess I was making (mostly on my hands…) but I was really pleased with the end result when I folded it up and it made a pocketed book!

BuntingThe Hen was there in spirit in this lovely photo bunting my aunty made (and also the fact that we rang her at 9.30pm… which is around 5.30am Australian time…), and everybody had a fantastic time. I had a better time than I would have had traipsing round Leeds city centre in heels (especially after watching last night’s Copers!), although I wouldn’t have passed up the addition of some Butlers in the Buff next time! My Aunty and I are planning to do another workshop at Art From the Heart in the New Year.

Crafting booksI also got some early birthday presents from my Aunty and Uncle – craft books! (I’m not sure my uncle was too involved in the choosing of these…) so I’ve got plenty of projects to get on with in the New Year. She also bought me a decorated teapot biscuit from The Happy Oven, but sadly that didn’t last long enough around my hungry belly to be photographed.

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