Experimenting with Quilting…

Wow, 12 days since my last post! It’s been a very hectic week with one thing and another (details of which will hopefully be elaborated on in more posts this week – I’m waiting on photos!).

Umbrella PurseIt is now (as eBay keeps reminding me) 33 days until Christmas, so I have been working hard on getting Christmas presents together and sorted. At my sewing class, I had a specific aim in mind for my sister’s boyfriend,  but lacked the knowledge and skill to make it into a reality. As I am prone to disasters, I made a practice piece first, building on the purse pattern I had already made, but this time adding some quilted detail. I was quite pleased with the result, Inner Pursebut I as I had used my pretty, spotty lining directly as a backing, as opposed to using a plain backing and a separate fancy lining, this meant the zip and seams weren’t concealed, like in the first purse. I still think it looks good enough to give as a present though.

What I had wanted to do however, was to quilt around the little umbrellas, which is something I would usually have raced into using whatever equipment I had to hand, but apparently it’s a little bit more complicated than this when using a machine.

freehand name

This week, under the guidance of an expert, I practised using an embroidery foot and embroidery hoop to do some freehand quilting. I discovered a button I didn’t even know existed, to push down the little spiky things that grip the fabric (the ‘feed dogs’ apparently, how strange…)

Wobbly LinesThe results were mixed – I was very pleased at first that I could write my own name using the machine, but following the pattern in my fabric with the extra layer of batting proved a lot more difficult, as this sneak preview shows. This was quite disappointing as I’ve only got a minimal amount of fabric for the pattern, and I wanted it to be perfect (as unrealistic as that may be!). I don’t think it looks too bad as a whole, perhaps a little ‘rustic’ and I can be certain that I’ve got the ‘wobbly line’ market cornered!

It took me about an hour and a half and I’m still not finished the quilting part of it, but I’ve got another two weeks to go (and a whole 33 days until Christmas!). I’m happy to be learning a new skill and getting better at using a machine – however slow the progress! And, yes, I would like an embroidery foot for Christmas please, Santa!

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