As promised… the kittens!

Happy Halloween! This isn’t a Halloween themed post I’m afraid, but if you’re in the mood, here are some Halloween treats I made for a fuddle at work (Fuddle is a word I had never heard before starting work, presumably of Yorkshire origin, meaning a sort of picnic/party where everyone brings in something to eat). The cat biscuits were supposed be black, but I ran out of black icing with my eyeballs. And in my humble opinion, they were a lot more appetising than they looked!

I’ve been told off by my mum for not posting any pictures of the kittens yet, so here they are, just for her…


Awww! The one on the right is Chomsky, who I named after a linguist I studied for my degree, and Bison is on the left, named by Todd after his favourite Street Fighter character.


I’d never had cats growing up (my parents have a beast of Labrador called Alfie) so I was a little dubious when these two balls of fur arrived from Knine and Kitty Care, but I have definitely come round to the idea of my own personal hot water bottles. Although they can mostly be found running up and down the stairs, fighting with each other and scratching the wallpaper until it falls off, they still find time to cuddle up at the end of the day (and very early in the morning…)

Crafting is also a lot harder with two mischievous kittens trying to chase the scissors, run off with the pin cushion and falling asleep in my fabric basket, but these two have inspired a couple of projects I wouldn’t have normally tried, such as this ace cat toy.

Heart Cat ToyIt’s filled with cat nip and has dangly ribbons, feathers, pom poms and bells on – a kitten’s dream! I made this one for Bison, hence the stitched ‘B’ but it hasn’t stopped Chomsky sharing until I get round to making one for her. This was my first fabric heart and appliqué attempt so considering the kittens kept running with the materials, it worked out quite well! I can’t say it withstood the playful kitten test however – although mostly intact, the feather lasted about 5 minutes!

I was also forced to make a cover to protect our leather sofa (and security deposit..) from kitten claws. This was a lot more stressful as I thought, as every time I laid the fabric on the sofa to measure it, the kittens would jump up the back, scratching the sofa more. In the end, I gave up, and using rough measurements, made this rather ill-fitting mismatched cover. I like to think it has character…

I can’t say it’s got great functionality either – this photo is the side of the sofa.

Let’s just hope our landlady isn’t reading this!

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