Sorry for the blogging delay – the past week has brought with it a ridiculous hangover, a trip to Manchester (I really want a stall in Affleck’s Palace!) and the realisation of how many projects I need to finish before Christmas. So much of my time has been spent ACTUALLY crafting, rather than writing about it.

Back in June, my sister bought me these lovely cushions for my new house from at Newcastle’s Green Festival.

Molls and Dolls cushions

At this stage I’d never even heard of applique (not that I’m much further on now!), so I wasn’t about to attempt the felt shapes on these designs. But surely, there was nothing simpler for the novice crafter than sewing in straight lines…?

This did not turn out to be the case. Had I settled for simple sewn up cushions (after all, students don’t wash cushion covers anyway!) then I might have been alright, but I decided to go for the more ambitious envelope. I tried following various (ridiculously tricky!) online tutorials to no avail, so eventually I had to go running home to my mum to help me.

Sally's cushions

Even though not entirely my own work, my first foray into working with fabrics (and a sewing machine) went surprisingly well – bar a very small scissor nick which may just be visible on the far left cushion, which was a result of using my own fabric as a cutting board… and the backs look pretty funky too.

Cushion backs

As a side note, the stripes on the pink backed cushion are lined up entirely by fluke, but I pretend otherwise, as it makes me look as though I know exactly what I’m doing… However, saying that, these cushions earned me the first compliments from my friends, so I felt like a real crafter!


The original plan was to make 5 cushions (buying 10 carefully selected fat quarters, which ended up forming the start of my ever expanding fabric collection) and be done with it, but I think I can trace the beginning of my textile addiction to this point. I never made the other 2 cushions, as I then decided to break out of the straight line formula and take on new curvy challenges (which may have been a mistake as I’m still quite a wobbly seamstress..). I still use the excuse when buying pretty fabric that I can use it for cushions!

I’d love to create something like this owl cushion, affectionately named Kidston by my friend Chris, which my eldest sister bought for me… but I think this will be a long way off. I’ll practice my straight lines first…

So as for crafting plans for this week, I’m making my Halloween costume (I’m going as Medusa, so there’ll be a fun head dress with ribbons and lots of wire) and hopefully doing some more work on my first ever quilting project -an advent calendar!

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2 Responses to Cushions!

  1. Chris says:

    Yeah! Go Kidston!

  2. EddceLLent says:

    I love the owl cushion – and when you talk about yourself in what I think (wary of your supposed intelligence, i’m reluctant to say anything that might be wrong and so I researched it but still couldn’t decide) is the third person… e.g. “It was my first attempt at both applique and blanket stitch, so in typical Sally fashion, I sewed the wing on the wrong way round – oh dear!”.

    Excited to see what you manage to conjure up for christmas!

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