Personalised Cross Stitch

As I’ve got a fair few photos, projects and disasters to share which I’ve already completed, I thought I’d try and publish them in a vaguely chronological order in the hope you may see some small improvements in my craftsmanship to the present day.

I used to cross stitch a lot when I was younger, so when I was looking for something to fill my time and I came across some cheap aida and silks (it did take me a while to catch on to the terminology..) on eBay, it seemed like an obvious choice. Surely, if I could do it in Brownies as a 7 year old, I could do it now?!

I also found some second hand books on Amazon, including 3 by Jo Verso, who I cannot recommend enough to the novice crafter. Not only are her books very simple to follow in terms of technical instructions, but her motif libraries and ‘how to’ sampler guides enable you to make something very personal, creative and quirky fairly easily.

As an example, here’s a page of motifs relating to hobbies – I love the mini sewing¬†machine!

Hobbies motif library

Despite spending a large chunk of my student loan on supplies, I did the typical Sally thing of staring at the beautiful things, and sitting up in bed planning elaborate samplers that I had no plans, or the confidence to make. I decided to bite the bullet and start small, buying a kit from my local haberdashery in Leeds ( Although it may look small and fairly simple (which it is), I was so proud of it!

Cross stitch wizard

After that I was on a roll – I designed a sampler for my friend Tara’s graduation and a birthday card for my sister. Using the Jo Verso designs, I think they came out fairly well, albeit smaller than I expected. I had imagined rather extravagant framed pieces of art, whereas in reality they were less than A5 and had to be framed within greetings cards! I ¬†need to work on my scaling!

Graduation Cross stitchRachel Cross stitch

I’ve got a couple more christmas themed projects in the pipeline, but I can’t say too much when my family are reading this!

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