Holidays are coming!

It’s official everyone: Christmas is well and truly on it’s way! It’s that time of year when the Coca Cola advert comes back to our screens, and I start sending far too many emails trying to ‘persuade’ people at work to partake in Secret Santa and “get in the Christmas spirit…or else!”. Continue reading

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Fruity 30

As if having a(n) (AMAZING) wedding wasn’t enough for one month, my eldest sister Jo rather selfishly decided to have a significant birthday at the end of September as well! Leaving everything until the last minute as usual, I turned desperately to her Pinterest page for some gift inspiration, and found this link from The Purl Bee for some funky apple coasters.

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50 Shades of Rainbow!

So it’s been very quiet on the blog front for over a year now and I apologise – I know you’ve all been waiting anxiously on the edge of your seats for the next update! There’s many reasons for the radio silence, but by far the most interesting and exciting is the upcoming wedding of my eldest sister Jo. Her boyfriend/fiancee Tim finally plucked up the courage to ask her in October last year and it’s been a frenzy in our family ever since. Obviously, the upcoming nuptials of any family member are a cause for celebration, but this filled me with extra excitement (and dread) as it meant… CRAFTING!
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Back with a vengeance!

It’s been so long since I blogged, that you may have forgotten who I am. Hopefully this post will serve as a reminder of my crafting prowess (if we understand prowess in this context to mean lack of skill and technical ability…) and this picture as a reminder of my face…

I’ve not crafted for a while, mainly with learning to drive, things being very busy at work and a lack of motivation and inspiration.  So, when my mum texted me to ask for a steering wheel cover to keep her hands warm in the morning, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to get back on the crafting horse, so to speak, and use my lovely Riley Blake fabric.  

I used this tutorial by Jasmine T, which I found fairly easy to follow, up until the point of adding the elastic. This may have been made more difficult by the fact I decided to veer from the accepted pattern, and quilt the steering wheel cover.

The addition of the elastic subsequently turned into quite a saga, with me and Todd using wooden skewers, sellotape and A LOT of elbow grease trying to insert the elastic, whilst under the siege of our cats, Chomsky and Bison. I was really pleased with the result, as it actually looked like what is was supposed to (a rare attribute in my handmade goods!), so I parcelled it up and sent it to my mum. As well as an enthusiastic thank you, these were the photos I received back:

Oh dear… I can always use it as a prototype!!

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Baking successes!

Since the stress of the craft fair, I’ve taken a bit of a break from sewing. My life has been filled with the far more fulfilling pastimes of watching Desperate Housewives and checking Facebook. So when I reunited with my sewing machine this week, it was a little bit of a shock to find that I’d forgotten, well, everything… Following the relative success of my foray into entrepreneurship, it brought me back down to earth to realise I am still a ‘novice crafter’, lacking in technical skill and an eye for design. My straight lines were crooked, my seams were full of holes and my slip stitch left a lot to be desired. The results, quite frankly, were so disastrous that they deserve their own blog post – which they will get when sufficient time has passed that I can see the humour in the balled up mess on my desk!

In the meantime, I’ve decided to focus on some recent baking successes to make myself feel better. At the request of one of Todd’s friends I made Millionaire’s Shortbread for the first time, which worked surprisingly well. I’m too scared to make it again, in case it doesn’t work as well so I’m resting on the laurels of this picture! The plate didn’t last long looking like this, and Todd’s friends went home full, happy and with a much higher blood sugar content than when they arrived at our house.

I’ve just finished these toffee and banana cakes for a ‘bake-off’ that we’re having at work. There are prizes for best tasting, best decorated (not sure I’ll be in the running for that one) and best effort, amongst others. The cakes are then sold and all money raised goes to St Gemma’s Hospice. Me and Todd have enjoyed tasting them (just to make sure they’re OK, obviously) but I’ll have to see how well they go down at work – and if I win anything!

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